Monday, September 14, 2009

The journey begins... again

It is 12 :14 pm in my laptop clock, sitting at the hot desk ( a place where anyone can sit in our office) is feeling great. I have started the journey again. The journey of hope, excitement and learning for the good. Now, that I am trying to understand the essence of blogging, would try to make it a personal experience rather that creating it as a halo world. I always thought that blogging is a 'public preaching exercise' with all the gyan for the people interested enough to spend time reading my blog. Guys, I have attained the nirvana now.

Ohh.. it starts again.

What should i write in the personal blog is a big question. This question always irritates me. I am not a celebrity, super star, nor even the intellectual thinker who has so much to conceptualize, write and share with the people. Nevertheless I have started again. This is a good sign.

'Right to Religion' ; A great thought that always come to my mind.

Right to religion is the amature concept, the success of which lies in its expansion, popularity. I believe that this is the single solution to all the religious problem in the world. The Jerusalem, Ayodhya, Babri Masjid are all the victims of the religious extremism.

Okay let me ask myself few questions before jumping to the conclusion :

  • What is the main reason for any religious conflicts?
  • Do people involved in the extremist acts really know, what they are up to?
  • Do majority of the people really understand what the religion is all about?
  • How much say does the parents/relatives have in the religion/practices?
The answers.... have convinced me for the applicability of the 'Right to Religion'.

The details .. will try to pen down next time...... Time to lunch, dude.


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